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Core Curriculum - The Jewish Holidays

Course length

1st Semester 9/10-10/15

Core Curriculum - The Jewish Holidays


Rafi Hirsh

Rabbi Rafi Hirsh grew up in Baltimore, MD. After high school, he moved to Jerusalem where he studied in the old city at the Aish Hatorah College for Jewish Studies under the guidance of Rabbi Noah Weinberg. He received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Yitzchok Berkovits from the Jerusalem Kollel as well as a master’s degree in education from Johns Hopkins University. Rabbi Hirsh moved from Jerusalem to New York in 2019 to join Ohr Torah of Rochester. Since having moved, he has become greatly involved in the Limmud Hebrew school of Temple Beth El, teaching grades 2-7. He also teaches at the local Hillel Day School and tutors college students at University of Rochester. Since COVID-19, Rabbi Hirsh has been teaching several series to adults on Hebrew reading and comprehension via Zoom, as well as Torah classes to teens throughout the neighborhood.

About the course

This course covers all the major Jewish Holidays. September 10th and 17th will be about Rosh Hashana. September 24th will focus on Yom Kippur, October 1st and 8th will be all about Sukkot. The final class on October 15th will be about Rosh Chodesh. KEEP IN MIND: The first semester meets on Thursday nights. For grades 1-3 at 6PM EST and for grades 4-7 from 7-8PM EST

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