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Hebrew School for America is a subscription-based Hebrew School that provides your entire family with Hebrew reading and Jewish knowledge similar to in-person Sunday school.


Memberships are charged $99/ a month for 10 months; November through August.

This year we are waiving fees until 2021.

Classes at Hebrew School for America begin September 10th and go through May 2nd, with summer programs running through August. 


This is the VR world that hosts HSA you will need to download the purple world a separate device for each student.

What does my subscription include?

1. 5 licenses for JILearning. The most cutting edge technology for learning Hebrew and tons of other great stuff LEARN MORE ABOUT JI

2.  Family Access to the weekly Hebrew School for America "Edutainment" session.

3. Access to the full library of recorded sessions in case you missed one. (zoom sessions and Hebrew only)

4. 10 half-hour Hebrew tutoring sessions

5.  2 -30-minute sessions with a rabbi from your community for Bnai Mitzvah prep. Use the time to plan your mitzvah project and Torah reading.

6. Access to one live event each month in your city as COVID allows.

7. Access to summer learning programs and activities.

8. Hebrew School for America (HSA) members are eligible for a $500 Family Israel mission grant, The Berman Israel Grant for teens, and exclusive HSA summer camp scholarships.

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