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Curriculum FAQ:

1.  Will my kids learn Hebrew?

Hebrew School for America (HSA) is thrilled to have partnered with Jewish Interactive to provide a Hebrew curriculum that is engaging, cutting edge, and can be accessed anytime and anywhere using the Ji Tap digital learning platform. Using online and cooperative interactive learning activities, teachers will develop Hebrew reading and vocabulary skills. We will group students across four Hebrew levels, assigned based on the information parents provided in the application.

2. How will my kids be ready for their Bnei Mitzvah?

Rabbi Simcha Tolwin has been providing Bnei Mitzvah training for over 20 years.  Each family subscription includes two 30-minute sessions to prepare for the big day.  A Torah portion will be chosen and a recording provided for the kids to practice from. A MItzvah project will be identified and the kids will be on their way!  Additionally, you will receive  12 Hebrew tutoring sessions which can be used for the Mitzvah prep. This should be enough and If you want more time, additional Bnei Mitzvah tutoring is available.

3. What does the hour of Sunday school include?

Each Sunday session (Thursdays during September and October) is divided into 4 modules:

  • Teffilah -Daily prayers

  • Hebrew as described above

  • Core curriculum - covers Jewish Holidays, Ethics, Mitzvot, Torah

  • Socialization time. an opportunity for the kids to have a great time and meet their classmates.

4.  What ages is HSA for?

Your entire family is welcome to hop on  and enjoy the one hour of Jewish edutainment. Everyone will learn something.

5.  What is the Schedule?

HSA meets for on Purple World each Sunday from 11-12. the world is always open and you can walk into classrooms and learn anytime you want. classrooms are updated Thursday wit the next weeks curriculum. If you miss the 11 AM hour simply come to the HSA building anytime and catch up on what you missed. You may even meet someone else there from another city.

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