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Please note:

For the best experience each student should have Purple World downloaded on a separate device.

`HSA takes place in a virtual enviorment. It's not ZOOM, it's not in -person. We call it in-AVATAR. It's incredible and we look forward to seeing you there.


Here is the Purple World download link:


Please note: Easy step by step instructions and tips are found on the above link.


On your first time downloading/installing, the process may take a few minutes depending on your computer and internet speed. 


Important: If a warning message pops up before installing, please override it. The Purple Virtual World is 100% clean, however, it is currently not yet recognized by all anti-virus programs.


I assume today’s middle schoolers won’t need much help familiarizing themselves with how to use and get around the world. In case they need assistance, feel free to reach out to me.


Alternatively, you can access the step-by-step user’s guide by clicking the following link:

After downloading, create your avatar and start exploring

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