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Hebrew Level 4

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Full year

Hebrew Level 4


Dovi Friedman

Dovi Friedman is the director of family programming and youth engagement for Aish Detroit. Dovi worked for many years as the director of programming and summer recruitment for the boy's division of JEPLI/Camp Nageela East in Long Island, New York. He received rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz at Yeshiva Madreigas HaAdam. Dovi enjoys creating a dynamic learning experience for kids of all ages within the Jewish community. He is bringing his passion and educational training to Aish Detroit this November with his wife, Malkie.

About the course

Level four Hebrew world on reading fluency. Building on their knowledge of the Hebrew Alpha Bet and the vowels and word building skills the students will be able to start seeing reading fluencyr. Building fluency depends on word familiarization, which is dependent on repetition and recognition. Utilizing the JI TAP learning platform by the end of the year the students will be able to read full sentences in the Siddur of Chumash. Additional resources include: Extra reading sheets available on our site. 5 licenses to JI TAP downloadable on up to 5 home devices, full of extra worksheets, exercises and videos to support the learning done in class.

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