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Hebrew Level 3

Course length

Full year

Hebrew Level 3


Mushky Polter

Mushky Polter is an experienced teacher with a passion for teaching Judaics and engaging children and adults in the beauty of Judaism.

About the course

Level three Hebrew begins to teach actual reading skills and putting words together. Building on their knowledge of the Hebrew Alpha Bet and the vowels the kids will be able to start putting words together. The skill of looking around the letter for the vowels and how to put the letters together with the next letter in the word structure to create worlds. Utilizing the JI TAP learning platform by the end of the year your children will be able to decode Hebrew words up to 5 letters long, start recognizing root words, that we call memory words that are most commonly found. Additional resources include: Extra reading sheets available on our site. 5 licenses to JI TAP downloadable on up to 5 home devices, full of extra worksheets, exercises and videos to support the learning done in class.

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