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Hebrew School reimagined. 


Engaging learning accessed from the comfort of home. Dynamic classes led by worldwide experts. Experiences and lessons customized for your kids.

Core Curriculum: 

Classes will utilize the latest VR technology to create totally immersive experiences.  Each student creates an avatar and controls their own learning experience in the HSA virtual world. It feels like gaming, and the content is awesome!

Download the HebrewSchoolforAmerica VR world now

Hebrew Reading:

Curriculum provided by Jewish Interactive Learning (JITAP), experts in delivering high-quality Jewish learning through Jewish educational technology. Their #1 Hebrew online learning tool, JI TAP, provides students digital learning activities that make learning how to read Hebrew fun, engaging, and relevant, especially for virtual learning. EACH FAMILY gets 5 LICENSES TO DOWNLOAD JITAP on 5 devices and create 5 accounts. (parents, you can learn too!)

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